" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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Shout outs to all the white celebrities with black kids who still ain’t said shit about Ferguson. 

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The temperature cut in half 


…Earlier this year, a report prepared by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police found record of 1,181 cases of missing and murdered aboriginal women from 1980 to 2012. The RCMP report affirmed what many had long suspected: indigenous women “are over-represented among Canada’s murdered and missing women.”

The total was higher than previous independent estimates, and led to renewed calls for a national inquiry to determine the root causes of the problem. Activists argue the disproportionate number represents a failure by police and government to come up with a solution. The media, as well, has been criticized for its role. A 2010 study found depictions of murdered aboriginal women were “more detached in tone” and less likely to appear on the front page than those of white women.

Beverly Jacobs, a lawyer, activist, and the former head of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, has been trying to raise awareness about the problem for years. “It’s a crisis and it always has been,” she said, blaming all levels of government, including indigenous leadership. “The numbers indicate how critical an issue it is. The fact that indigenous women are being attacked — that’s historical. This isn’t a new issue. It’s been happening since the beginning of colonization.”

…Manitoba, a prairie province with one of Canada’s largest aboriginal populations, has some of the most troubling numbers. From 1980 to 2012, nearly half (49 percent) of female homicide victims were aboriginal, according to the RCMP report. Aboriginal people comprise 16.7 percent of the population of Manitoba.

Bernadette Smith, a tall, strongly built woman with soft brown eyes, has become a leading voice among aboriginal activists in the province since her own sister, Claudette Osborne, went missing…“We’re all just people. We have families, we have a world, and we’re not disposable,” Smith said. Smith, an education consultant on aboriginal issues, has been pushing for better social programs geared toward at-risk women that would help them to break away from a cycle of drug addiction and violent relationships.

The RCMP report found that most of the homicides were “committed by men and most of the perpetrators knew their victims — whether as an acquaintance or a spouse.” Twelve percent of the victims were involved in the sex trade…“Women aren’t just on the street because they want to be,” Smith says. “They all have a story to tell.”

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