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Speaking of zombie eyes its only been 2 years since my eye surgery but I’m having the exact same problem again (crossed eyes) so even if I do get a job I won’t be able to work(retail most likely) for a month because I’ll scare people !

Some people are so rude to people with physical aliments I remember I had eye surgery and two days later I had to go out, I had sunglasses on but I removed them and forgot to put them back on anyways as I was leaving the store the women in front of me glanced at me and actually ran away from me like wtf!

I grew up with people who thought it was a fun adventure to take the bus instead of a necessity for many people ugh 


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The only reason I’m choosing purple is because its one of three options I can choose, it was either purple, red or blue black because my natural hair colour is very dark almost black so those are the only colours that will show up without bleach!

I haven’t had a job since early January 2013, this isn’t even fair, I have a good resume too ugh

I’m dyeing the lower half of my hair purple in two weeks!

I had the best scones ever today at high tea but I ate way too many !