oops I was supposed to only do 100 bicycle crunches I thought it said 200 omg and I ended up doing around 240 because I was distracted, oh well I’m not entirely sure I was doing them correctly so the extra addition is probably much needed

Currently reading the real life Sheldon Coopers okcupid profile and he wrote that he doesn’t think he is like him dying

This summer I will probably be spending it alone, its ok though my solitude doesn’t bother me as much as it should.

The last season of the Boondocks ended in 2010, it seems like Woodcrest is still stuck in that year interesting choice


when people ask you what ur gonna do with ur life and ur like


i donno

but you do know and in ur head ur like


fuck bitches and get money what da fuck you think

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All black people can relate to yah moms tripping like this

It’s like pledging

Real life

Where the fuck is the lie tho??

Definitely been through this.

Not me but I don’t wash dishes so

I’m so glad my hairdresser doesn’t overbook clients basically within maybe 10 minutes of waiting my hair gets washed and then he immediately blow-dries it and flat irons it. The only time I have to wait is with my mom because she gets so much done at once so I try to avoid that as much as possible.

I was supposed to bake stuff but i’m still sick so I’m not bothering

My 50 year old cousin who is sick in a wheelchair has a sidechick, she’s from NY and she is at like every family holiday dinner she was at christmas and now shes here for Easter like oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize it at first I thought they were just friends. His actual gf has no idea but honestly its more of a mutually beneficial thing from what I gather, but like he told her he went away for the weekend. I am like dying of laughter how do you casually bring your sidechick to every holiday, and I remember when I first met her in the summer she said she’s been coming every month basically and he never told her she has a daughter my aunt asked about his daughter and he gave her a dirty look!